Stainless fluxed cored welding wire 309L .045" X 33# (Made in USA)
Stainless fluxed cored welding wire 309L .045" X 33# (Made in USA)
Stainless fluxed cored welding wire 309L .045" X 33# (Made in USA)
Stainless fluxed cored welding wire 309L .045" X 33# (Made in USA)

Stainless fluxed cored welding wire 309L .045" X 33# (Made in USA)

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Stainless fluxed cored welding wire 309L 0.045" X 33# (Made in USA)

- E309LT All position welding wire

- Diameter : 0.045"

- Spool size: 33 LB Plastic Spool

- You will get great bead and weldibility

E309LT is suitable for welding 22%Cr- 12% Ni Steel and Heat Resistant steel and dissimilar joint such as a stainless 
steel to carbon steel of low alloy steel. Under layer welding on claded side groove claded stainless steel or carbon steel
where stainless steel weld metal is overlayed.

1. E309LT is flux cored wire and designed for all-position welding with Co2 gas or Ar-Co2 Gas.
2. it provides the excellent usability with stable arc, less spatter, good bead appearance, better slag removal and less 
    quantity of welding fume comparable to solid wire.
3. Contaiing Ferrite of a reasonable quantity and crack-resistance, integranular corrosion resistance, mechanical properties
    of welding metal is superior.

Note in Usage
1. The optimum flow of Co2 for Shielding gas is 20~25 L/min
2. Protech the weld with a screen to prevent blowholes caused by wind where the wind velocity is 2m/sec and more.
3. Keep the distance between tip & base metal at 15 ~ 25mm.

Typical Chemical composition of weld Metal (%) - Shielding Gas : Co2 100%
C: 0.025  Si : 0.56  Mn : 1.51  P : 0.013  S : 0.014  Cr : 22.41  Ni : 12.48  FN : 8
Typical Mechanical properties of weld Metal - Shielding Gas : Co2 100%
YP : 538 N/㎟      TS : 598 N/㎟      EL : 40%        IV J (kgf/m) at 0℃  : 53 (5.4)

Size & Recommended welding range (DC+)
0.045" : 150 ~ 300 A  / 24 ~ 33 V / 20 ~ 60 cm per min
0.062" : 200 ~ 400 A  / 24 ~ 33 V / 20 ~ 60 cm per min


- We have Other grade and size : E308LT, E309LT and E316LT - 0.035, 0.045" & 1/16"



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